Adriana Khemi

Level 8


My goal is to create, perform and inspire others to take a leap of faith and go for their dreams! You are capable of anything that you put your mind to, and if you push yourself to make it happen, the sky is the limit! Thank you to all the incredible people that have been supporting me through this journey, from 3 years in SLC, to a year in Ireland. I feel so blessed for all the people who made me feel so welcome and I hope that more students will choose to explore the world and learn!

Studying abroad has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and opportunities that I hadn’t thought of before! It has given me the chance to understand that I am not limited to one place in order to make art or perform. The world is my oyster, and there are so many valuable lessons and ideas to grasp! I feel extremely grateful that I was able to learn, grow and continue my passion in performing.