Aidan Coutts

Level 8


Aidan Coutts is a 21 year old actor, singer, and composer, from Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate of the Musical Theatre Performance program at St. Clair College, and is now finishing his Honours Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts here at ATU Sligo. In his work, he strives to tell stories from and about the queer community, to build representation in media for identities that aren’t often seen. In his years as an actor, he has performed in many musicals and plays both contemporary and classical, and even has a minor role in the upcoming movie “Vampire Zombies… From Space!”, a comedy film being produced by The Dot film company in Windsor Ontario. He is currently writing music for two musicals, and one of which, “The Forgotten Baroness,” is going to see a workshop in Toronto this summer. Beyond the stage and screen, he has written music for several indie games, such as “The Genesis Project” and “Shiba Cafe.”

Moving forward, he hopes to build a career as an actor in theatre, mainly musicals, both back in Canada as well as in Ireland and the UK. He would also like to branch out into writing music for film and TV, and expand his network as a musician for video games.