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Specialising in creative non-fiction and screenwriting, I write about people and aim to probe the depths of human motivation. My work focuses on relationships, be they familial, sexual or otherwise and I am continually inspired by the human psyche’s unconscious desires and how these drive us to manufacture our own realities. Life is a story of our own creation, and I am interested in the underbelly, the shadow side of that story – we must venture into the darkest abyss of our cave to retrieve our gold. My portfolio explores themes of love and desire; obsession and deception; spirituality and power. Alongside writing, I have a deep love of art, music and photography, and the coalescence of all four – film – is where I see the ultimate realisation of my work.

Excerpt from Scorpio Rising

‘I suppose we should get on with it,’ she says, moving towards me. ‘Yes,’ I say. Thank fuck, I think.
When she kisses me, it is light and soft and her mouth is wet and cool. I hadn’t kissed anyone except Eoin in well over a year and I instantly miss the firmness of his tongue, the scratch of his beard, the manliness of him. I become immediately self-conscious of the red wine taste on my lips, the faint dryness of my tongue from the weed. Her mouth seems infinitely fresh and healthy in comparison. As soon as Eoin comes back I go to the bathroom and furiously brush my teeth, the smell of menthol entering ahead of me on my return.