Writing & Literature



I live on an intertidal estuary, Cartron Bay, and tend to take walks along the North Atlantic Ocean, sometimes stopping for a bit and observing the scenery and watching the water flow, occasionally clashing with the shoreline. While in secondary school, especially in Irish class, I took my pen and created a whole universe. This universe was often inspired by the shifting landscape of the estuary, inspiring me to create the Devistian Expanse, a fictional set of Islands surrounding two main Islands. This universe is now six years old and my portfolio is its first public expression. My portfolio is split into two halves, a comic and an illustrated set of poems.



I wanted to combine the writing and drawing, and the portfolio seemed like the place to try whilst solidifying my universe. The portfolio focuses on exploration and nature but also on family. The illustrations are hand drawn digitally on Krita (https://krita.org/en/) in order to convey raw authenticity.