Writing & Literature



My poetry exploits the layers of meaning in words to explore our bond with nature and to capture those instants when she reminds us of the accident of our existence. As I am based in the rugged, bleak, and unpredictable landscape of the Wild Atlantic Way, the work is inextricably linked to this environment.


My narratives explore the relationship between place and psychological spaces. My short stories and flash fictions centre around moments when external conditions force characters to decide how they want to be in the world. As an ex- journalist, who has lived in both the Global North and South, the impacts of world politics and global warming find their way into my non-fiction, which questions the way we treat each other and the planet.
I am inspired to push words to the limit of meaning by the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Seamus Heaney, and Emily Dickinson. I am also influenced by the compassion evident in the works of Samuel Beckett, Terry Pratchett, and Claire Keegan. Like these writers, I want to create characters and situations that uncover our humanity and explore its potential as well as its failings.