Writing & Literature

Darren Kelly


It helped no doubt that I elected to do a course for which I’ve some natural talent. Writing is not always fun, but the accomplishment obtained from reading something you’ve written and going “yep” is hard beat. This course has helped expand my hitherto myopic outlook and made me keener to explore more challenging material.

If you told 17, 18 year-old me that in a few years’ time he would be anticipating getting a Bachelor’s degree in anything, I wonder how he would have reacted. A part of me suspects that he would feel that such an achievement was decidedly unbecoming of his character. After all, this self-same boy made a promise to himself that he would quit school at 16 and had, in all but bodily presence, done so long before reaching that age. On the other hand, I dare say there would also have been an acute sense of pride, a sense of victory, a sense that “Gee, maybe I can navigate academia”.