Ellen Gilmartin 

Level 8


My name is Ellen Gilmartin and I am 23 yrs old based in Sligo. I am a trained actor currently in my final year of Performing Arts ATU Sligo. I am also a trained dancer and have an Instagram account called @solo_dance_flow where I showcase my dance abilities. I learned different types of Acting training within the Performing Arts course such as Chekhov Technique, Stanislavski Technique and Brechtian. When I started this course , I was extremely shy and introverted and going into acting has brought me so much out of my shell. The stage is now my safe place where I can break out of my shell and absolutely love every second of it. This course has given me so much confidence and knowledge within the Acting field. I definitely have to thank the lectures for encouraging me to break out and just go for it on the stage. These four years have really meant a lot to me, and I will never forget the time I spent here. I am extremely passionate about acting and I hope that i continue on doing what I love to do!