Writing & Literature



Having grown up spending every free afternoon and weekend in the cinema, film quickly became the medium I wanted to tell stories through. So, I became an actor, working in film and television, and aspired to eventually write and direct my own films. I have spent the past three years honing my voice and discovering the stories that I want to tell, stories that focus on the female experience. When I started writing I didn’t explicitly plan to focus on female stories but every story I started soon morphed into a story about women. A short story that began as the tale of a blind date became a story about the friendships formed in the girls’ bathrooms. Another that started as a disjointed description of emotions became the story of a fissured mother-daughter relationship. I’m inspired by writer/ directors like Nicole Holofcener and Gillian Robespierre; I love quiet, character-driven films, and that’s what I tend to write. My television series One Day You’ll Thank Me explores the relationship between a mother and daughter and my film Everything Is Fine explores the relationship between sisters.

Excerpt from Everything Is Fine