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Fusing Antitheses is a collection of nine poems and four critical reviews exploring both a creative and a critical form of writing. Ubiquitous Entanglements explores in poetic form nature and the seasons. The ever-changing scenery of Murrisk in County Mayo offers inspiration for my writing, and this sense of place is embedded in my poetry. There are poems in the compressed Imagist style as well as a modified villanelle, a Shakespearean Sonnet and an acrostic poem.

A Blazing Storm

The reviews explore various texts all written by contemporary Irish women, including a novella and a film adaptation of the novella, a poetry collection, a short story collection, and a novel. Engaging critically with the texts helps me evaluate the ideas and content of my creative writing. Fusing Antitheses marks the beginning of my work both as a poet and developing an engaged critical voice.