Jack Kelly

Level 8


My name is Jack Kelly, I’m a designer with a passion for creating visually stunning productions and spaces in which every member of the production team can engage and play with. I recently completed my BA in Performing Arts (Theatre Design) and have been working tirelessly to create visceral and psychologically impactful designs.

One of my proudest achievements was being the sole designer of the 2022 Yeats Project (pictured), where I was responsible for everything from the set and costume to the props, lighting, and construction. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase my skills and bring my vision to life alongside director, Declan Drohan.

As a designer, I approach set design through psychoanalysis, and art movements that share themes with the text, always striving to create a seamless blend between the visual and the narrative. My style is characterized by organic shapes, bold colors, and a willingness to embrace raw, dirty, and messy materials. I draw inspiration from the horror genre and the Theatre of Cruelty, using these themes to explore the underappreciated dark side of the human experience and the ritualistic nature of theatre as a whole. I am constantly seeking to learn more about this aesthetic and aspire to work as a prop maker for both theatre and screen in the future.