Writing & Literature

Julianna Holland


This immersive involvement has blown wide the parameters of my thinking and, in the process, has focussed my objective. My work is largely concerned with a certain place. It has unfolded through persistent scrutiny and preoccupation of the area; charting aspects of it through prose, poetry, photography and film. Informed by this course, I endeavour to work on, charting my development of form and thought, working within the scope of lived experience and the vagrancy of memory.

The exposure over the past three years to writers and writing has enlightened my creative process vastly. The bounty of this experience has been its breadth. From Greek theatre to twentieth century poetry, the origin of the short story to new writing, modernism to postmodernism, from stage to screen and a span of handpicked novels and essays. My practice has grown from strictly fictional prose to opinion pieces, screenplays, poetry, nonfiction, research and reflective journaling.