Writing & Literature

Niamh MacCabe


I came to writing via the scenic route and my creative journey remains ongoing, continually proving and disproving myself. Originally trained in visual art, I’ve been experimenting with writing as a stand-alone creative tool since I joined a writers’ group in 2015. When the Writing & Literature Degree was launched, I grabbed the opportunity. My art background runs through my writing; I still try to push boundaries, challenge definitions, and find connections between different creative practices.

I’ve always had a passion for the breaking of boundaries. I consider creative practice as a process rather than a product, that the meaning lies in the making, and finished work stands as a record of thought, a jigsaw piece in the puzzle. I’m intrigued with the potential power of words as symbols, the mystery of what sometimes happens when they’re combined, and the beauty inherent in others finding their own personal meaning from that.