Rosalind Saunders

Level 8


I am Rosalind Saunders and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a Canadian actor, dancer, singer and musician in my final year of my Honours BA in Performing Arts at Atlantic Technological University in Sligo, Ireland. I completed an Advanced Diploma in Music Theatre Performance at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 2022. Despite my focus on musical theatre, I have also worked behind the scenes as a production assistant with Westben Arts Festival Theatre and I’m passionate about all the roles that continue to foster a thriving theatre community. I started playing the violin and trombone ten years ago now, and I love to get involved with community bands and orchestras. My most prominent artistic interest for my future is being as silly as possible, as I believe there is always a new way of doing things. I aspire to be involved in new work, and I have a particular interest in Shakespeare (these can go hand in hand, I promise!). I am returning to Canada and I am ready to make a splash in the contemporary theatre scene with my energy, playfulness and my open mind.