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Dark fantasy, alongside the Japanese Manga culture, always inspired my creativity and exploration of the source of evil and Darkness. I believe that dark notions stem from something beyond our understanding and merging them with fantasy would enhance this philosophical approach – I am currently finishing the first volume of a science-fiction/fantasy-driven franchise inspired by this passion for dark myths. My portfolio, Unshadowed Fear, consists of a novel Excerpt called Within the Mountains of Trorr, unravelling the tale of two brothers searching for their lost mother within danger- lodged and myth-whispered mountains. Likewise, it includes a collection of poems titled The Realm of Crina, unfolding illustrative verses about a mysterious fantasy realm within a dream.

Excerpt from Within the Mountains of Trorr

Blake Crouch, J.R.R Tolkien, George R.R Martin, and Eiichiro Oda are the primary authors that inspired my concise, descriptive style and world- building ideas. Their fantasy is a prime example of the spectacular secondary world – the venture that swirls in our subconscious – that I wish to unroll for others to see fantasy as an escape from reality and a reflective notion of it.