Thea Downey

Level 8


My name is Thea Downey, I’m a 21-year-old musical theatre artist from Toronto, Canada. I spent the last three years studying musical theatre at St Clair College, and I am finishing my degree in the acting course at ATU.

I am a singer and actor first, with my vocal range being a mezzo belter. I usually play the empowered best friend, or an authority figure that yells at someone sometime in the course of the play. I was in the sold-out Hairspray production this past April, I am currently in the process of publishing my first novel, I will be a part of my first paid musical theatre gig this summer, and I plan on staying in Ireland. I love theatre because it allows me to express things on stage I don’t normally allow myself to express, I get live so many lives I wouldn’t otherwise, and the people are just fantastic.

ATU has been a big change. I loved the chance to do Irish theatre, play in a more experimental style, yet still sing from time to time. I’m excited to emerge into the professional world, and I have my sights set on the West End!