The ethos of Architecture at ATU Sligo is a belief in the potential of architecture to transform places. We aim for a strong student centred and student-led culture and our ambition is to impress upon the students their role in contributing to society as a new generation of architects for this area and beyond.

Architecture at ATU Sligo aims to encourage students to develop an understanding of and sensitivity to historical, contextual and cultural influences on the practice of design in a local, national, and global context. Just as poetry possesses universality as well as an acutely personal sentiment, architecture provides another perspective into how we dwell, how we interact and how we seek meaning between ourselves and the world which surrounds us. We aim to build on our lineage recognizing the energy specific to this location on the edge of the Atlantic. Our philosophical approach to architecture centres on: Interpretation of Place, Regionally Transformative Architecture, Architectural Regeneration of our Built Heritage, and Human Experience and Perception of Space.

Interpretation of Place
Architecture at ATU Sligo draws on the existing genius loci of the north-west as an international hub of creativity, where projects, sited locally, nationally and internationally are considered from a social, environmental, historical, and cultural perspective.

Regionally Transformative Architecture
We embrace our role in the region as the educational centre supporting discourse and social engagement on the transformative role of architecture and exploring its relevance for future place making, facilitating active participation of people in realising the potential of their place. We seek to raise awareness of the transcendent possibilities of architecture beyond its physical relevance, interrogating concepts of creativity and identity, and resonating with current global issues aiming to stimulate both social engagement and dialogue around the identity and creative flux of the region at this time.

Architectural Regeneration of our Built Heritage
Architecture at ATU Sligo places an emphasis on reading and evaluating the existing context and imprint of place, and the impact these decisions and interventions have on the regeneration of place, using principles of environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

Human Experience and Perception of Space
Our projects focus on the intimate dialogue between the user and the space they inhabit emphasising the layered relationships between the user, function, site and the spatial experience of architecture.

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Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) in ArchitectureLevel 8Undergraduate

Year 3 Project

North by Northwest

Architecture Student Showcase