Course nameNFQ LevelGraduate LevelFavourite
Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and DesignLevel 7Undergraduate
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interior Architecture and DesignLevel 8Undergraduate
BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design add-onLevel 8Add On / Direct Application

BA in Interior Architecture & design

The vision of our programme stems from the core philosophical aspirations:
• Care for human experience
• Inspired, environmentally conscious response to place – community, location, culture
• Creative communication and global engagement

We offer accessible experiential learning that fosters creative, versatile and ethically aware designers with developed collaborative and communicative skills.

Our Interior Architecture and Design programme focuses an environmentally conscious approach to there-use, re-imagination and innovative re-invention of the existing built environment with a strong focus on sculpting interior space. Our students are challenged to offer imaginative responses to spatial problems, which cut across interior architectural aspects of place, cultural and built heritage and recognise the design needs and identity of clients.

Through interactions with live clients, real sites and diverse design projects our students learn to position urgent stories in a coherent spatial and sociological narrative. Memory, identity and sense of place along with the intrinsic qualities of community and culture are explored and often juxtaposed with a global context, to inspire resonant, sensitive and rich design projects.

The Interior Architecture and Design course at IT Sligo provides an internationally recognised level of education and training aligned with European Council of Interior Architects standard and best practice across Europe.

Our graduates are ethically and professionally motivated, to be innovative, responsible and versatile design professionals, inspired by current knowledge of the design world, equipped with an industry ready creative and technical skill-set and experienced in design collaboration.

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